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Why Should I Get a Dirty2Dreamy Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating will protect your ride from the elements, keep your vehicle looking clean longer, and make washing a breeze! 

Long gone are the days of spending the whole afternoon washing your car! Instead a quick wash will uncover the added glossy look of your ceramic coating!

At Dirty2Dreamy all of our ceramic coating packages free quarterly maintenance washes and aftercare support. 

The Main Benefits

Ceramic Coating Poulsbo Washington

Cermic Coating Packages

Level 1 Ceramic Coating

Starting At Only $999

Level 2 Ceramic Coating

Starting At Only $1549

Level 3 Ceramic Coating

Starting At Only $1649

Included With Every Dirty2Dreamy Ceramic Coating:

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Why Choose Us To Install?

The Dreamy Experience Difference

We strongly believe in transparency which is why our clients love to come back to Dirty2Dreamy!

We thoroughly inspect every vehicle that comes in our shop and share our findings and professional recommendations with you. Our clients love knowing we keep them in the loop during the entire process.

The Dirty2Dreamy difference is how we communicate with our clients AND the quality of work we can achieve.

The Dirty2Dreamy Coating Process

Simplified Into 4 Steps

Step 1 - Clean & Decontaminate

Quality ceramic coatings require quality paint preparation. Step one is a triple decontamination wash with iron removal and a clay process.

Step 2 - Inspection

Once your vehicle is clean, we can get a better look at the condition of the paint and recommend the best course of action to suit your needs.

Step 3 - Paint Correction aka Swirl Removal

No matter the age of your vehicle, we will have to polish to make sure the paint is as clean as possible. You can stick with our included enhancement polish or achieve a finer look of scratch removal.

Step 4 - Wiped, Coated, & Cured

Ceramic coating is a systematic process: timing and teamwork is everything. Then we wait for the coating to cure in a temperature controlled environment.

Everyone Loves Their Dreamy Vehicle

It was amazing how even though it was my first time there, they made me feel like their “best” customer.

Justin C. Verified Google Review

“Outstanding service and exceptional eye for cleaning every part of our car. It was completed on time as promised. Thank you!”

Tom W. Verified Google Review

Very professional, easy to work with. The results of my paint correction and ceramic coating are phenomenal. Highly recommended!

Trevi E. Verified Google Review

“They did awesome! I got a level 1 paint correction and a 5 year ceramic coating. My car looks better then the day I bought it!”

Amy H. Verified Google Review

    New To Ceramic Coatings?

    Ceramic Coatings 101

    No. Ceramic coatings are not the same as paint protection film (PPF). They will not prevent rock chips or severe scratches but coatings are great at preventing common elemental damage from adhering to and damaging your paint (such as bird droppings, sap, and dirt).

    The short answer: our professional grade coatings have a product warranty for five years.

    Dirty2Dreamy has it’s own lifetime guarantee provided the client returns once a year for an annual coating maintenance package.

    Carnauba wax was the traditional route for protection vehicles but it had it’s downsides: they often lasted anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months.

    We now offer a liquid wax alternative called sealants for our basic washes.

    Ceramic coatings are a liquid that is applied over the clear coat that last years and make wax application obsolete. The liquid adheres to the clear coat and adds a 9H or higher level of hardness.

    Anywhere you want easier washing and maintenance!

    Dirty2Dreamy offers coatings for paint, trim, headlights, windows, wheels, tires, calipers, brakes, and vehicle interior surfaces such as leather, plastic, vinyl, and carpeted surfaces.

    A ceramic coating is a clear liquid that hardens to the surface of your vehicle’s exterior. You will not have a color-change after applying but it will help increase the gloss look of your paint.

    Visually, you can tell your coating is doing what it should when water beads instead of sheets on the surface.

    Your Vehicle Will Look This Good

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