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Maintaining your car doesn’t have to be time consuming for you with Dirty2Dreamy interior and exterior services. Cleaning your vehicle will help prevent bacteria, wear and tear, windows you can’t see through, and more. 

We offer anything from basic hand washes that don’t damage your paint like car washes might and interior shampooing services.

Professional Detailing Preserves Your Vehicle's Interior & Exterior for Years.

Car detailing is the best way to preserve the look of your vehicle for years. Our services make it possible to feel like you’re in a new car all the time. Here is a list of our interior & exterior auto detailing capabilities.

Interior Detailing Services

Exterior Detailing Services

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Each vehicle will vary based on size and condition. For example, dog hair, pine needles, and tree sap will differ from a basic wash and vaccuum. Fill out the form below of give us a call today!



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About Our Poulsbo Detail Shop

Are you looking for the best car detailing experience? We are licensed ceramic coating and restoration detail specialists. We offer a variety of high end detail packages as well as regular maintenance details. We represent integrity in action. We are founded on community and support each community we do business with. When you do business with us, The Dreamy Way, everyone wins.

The Best Car Detailing in Poulsbo Wa

Why Should You HAve Your Car Detailed?

Having a clean car can make you feel proud while driving around. But not only will it feel good but it will also help increase the lifespan of your vehicle. As dirt, grime, sap, bugs, and stains sit on and in your vehicle they start to damage what they are attached too.

When bird droppings and bugs sit on paint for weeks at a time they turn acidic and start to actually etch away at you clear coat and eventually paint. We have seen bird droppings eat away to the bare metal and start to cause rust.

Carpet and interior stains can become permanent if they are not treated usually within thirty days. Dirt in door jambs can cause the paint to wear away where the gasket meets the door as you open and close your door on a daily basis.

Mold will start to form and spread if there is moisture left over in the carpet or seats. If you do not dive your car often mold will spread and can cause it to get into the vents and under plastics. Sometimes we have to turn away mold jobs and insurance has to total the car. This is not every time but in severe cases it has happened.

Here at Dirty2Dreamy we make sure we address all these issues with our inspections with you and during the detailing process. We also have monthly maintenance programs for your vehicle for hassle free maintenance.

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Everyone Loves Their Dreamy Vehicle

It was amazing how even though it was my first time there, they made me feel like their “best” customer.

Justin C. Verified Google Review

“Outstanding service and exceptional eye for cleaning every part of our car. It was completed on time as promised. Thank you!”

Tom W. Verified Google Review

Very professional, easy to work with. The results of my paint correction and ceramic coating are phenomenal. Highly recommended!

Trevi E. Verified Google Review

“They did awesome! I got a level 1 paint correction and a 5 year ceramic coating. My car looks better then the day I bought it!”

Amy H. Verified Google Review

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